Cars, Cameras, & Computers

This is a collection of photos of a few of my favorite things. Each of these cars, aircraft, computers, calculators, electronic equiment or gadgets are the result of a team of people working together. Such projects represent the best of what man can do.

We do not know of any other time in history when man has worked together to build such complex and wonderful things that allow us to travel the earth quickly, safely, and comfortably, or to have in our hand an entire library's worth of knowledge. The stories behind the creators of these cultural artifacts need to be told someday.

Many great companies are represented here: Apple, Boeing, Canon, Garmin, Hasselblad, Hewlett-Packard, Leica, Lockheed, Mercedes-Benz, Nakamichi, Nikon, Porsche, Volkswagen, Yamaha. They have each had their good years and their bad years. Let's hope more good years are to come...

Most of these photographs were found on the Internet or scanned in from brochures, although I have taken a few of these pictures myself. Mike Holm took the photos of the Staatsraad ship. If you are the owner of one of these photos and object to my using it here, just email me and I will remove the photo. These are not used commercially in any way.

The photos that I have taken are Copyright Daniel K. Allen, 1974-2023. All rights reserved.
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Created:   9 Sep 2001
Modified:  8 Mar 2023