Thoughts About My Life at Age 57.997

27 Mar 2017 by Dan Allen

As I complete my 57th year, I am contemplating upon my life. For the most part, it has been grand. It was been wonderful! I have enjoyed so many things through the years. I have learned so much, and yet need to learn so much more.

I really have enjoyed exploring. At Apple my title was Software Explorer. I like to explore the physical world, where I am mesmerized by nature. I really like the small mammals & all of the cats. I like to explore cities. My favorite thus far has been Munich Germany. I like to explore software. FreeBSD is my favorite here. I like exploring music, history, and how computers work.

Many wonderful events have happened through the years. My parents, both gone now, were the best. My grandparents and their siblings were so wonderful to me, also all gone now. It is strange to be the old man of the family now. Musing upon aging, I wrote these short lines yesterday:


When You Are Young

When you are young, you do not appreciate the high frequency sounds of cymbals, nor the greatness of a shade tree. When you are young you do not appreciate that you can read fine print, or that you can run and carry heavy things. When you are young, and you spring about outside, you do not ever think that someday you will no longer be able to do all these things.

When you are old, you however can still in your mind recall how those cymbals sounded. The tree you rested under may now be cut down, but you can remember how it was a place of refuge. On a very bright sunny day, high in the mountains, with glasses on, you may still be able to read fine print. When you are old, you can yearn to run, but alas you can only walk. When you are old you can ask a young person to carry something for you, and then you reflect that you yourself used to be the one that was doing the carrying.

When you are old, one appreciates young people springing about and hopes that they appreciate their hearing, their sight, their strength, and their energy while they still have it.

26 Mar 2017 10:17am MDT

Hogle Zoo parking lot, SLC, Utah

N 40°45'1" W 111°48'51", 4820' ASL


So where do I go from here? I will continue to explore. I will look to the young to continue to make the world better.

The best thing that ever happened in my life was meeting and marrying a wonderful woman. Beth makes life all worth while. Everyday with her is wonderful. My wish for mankind would be that everyone could have such a life-long companion that makes exploring the world have meaning.


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