Dan Allen Mathematical Teaching Genealogy

Browsing a favorite news site this morning, I came across this Nature article about how most mathematicans come from just 24 scientific families, where families are teaching lines of descent. I studied math at BYU, so this sparked my interest and I went to the main database site and searched for two of my most influential math professors from BYU and voilà — I now have a teaching line of authority!

My first line of teaching comes from Lynn E. Garner who I learned Numerical Analysis and Projective Geometry from. We also studyied the great book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. This tree of teachers includes notibles like Stefan & Boltzmann on one line, and Gauss & Leibniz on another line, (hence the two 6s & 7s).

Another line of teaching comes to me from Harvey J. Fletcher, son of Harvey Fletcher who invented stereophonic sound. Harvey Fletcher Jr (my teacher) worked at NASA in the 1960s on the Apollo program and taught us in our Numerical Methods class how differential equations were used to determine how to land on the moon. This line of teaching out 11 generations ends up with Nathaniel Bowditch, a favorite Salem navigator and writer of mine.

Here are my generations of teachers (I'm generation zero):

 0. Daniel Knight Allen (Brigham Young University 1984)
 1. Lynn E. Garner (University of Oregon 1968)
 2. David Kent Harrison (Princeton 1957)
 3. Emil Arten (Universitaet Leipzig 1921)
 4. Gustav Herglotz (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen 1900)
 5. Ludwig Boltzmann (Universitaet Wien 1866)
    6. Jozef Stefan (Universitaet Wien 1858)
 5. Hugo Hans von Seeliger (Universitaet Leipzig 1872)
 6. Carl Christian Bruhns (Universitaet Berlin 1856)
 7. Johann Franz Friedrich Encke (Universitaet Berlin 1825)
 8. Carl Friedrich Gauss (Universitaet Helmstedt 1799)
 9. Johann Friedrich Pfaff (Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen 1786)
10. Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner (Universitaet Leipzig 1739)
11. Christian August Hausen (Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg 1713)
12. Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen (Universitaet Leipzig 1685)
13. Otto Mencke (Universitaet Leipzig 1665)
14. Jakob Thomasius (Universitaet Leipzig 1643)
15. Friedrich Leibniz (Universitaet Leipzig 1622) (father of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz)

 0. Daniel Knight Allen (Brigham Young University 1984)
 1. Harvey J. Fletcher (University of Utah 1954)
 2. Charles Joseph Thorne (Iowa State University 1941)
 3. John Vincent Atanasoff (University of Wisconsin-Madison 1930)
 4. John Hasbrouck Van Vleck (Harvard University 1922)
 5. Edwin Crawford Kemble (Harvard University 1917)
 6. Percy Williams Bridgman (Harvard University 1908)
 7. Wallace Clement Sabine (Harvard University 1888)
 8. John Trowbridge (Harvard University 1873)
 9. Joseph Lovering (Harvard University 1833)
10. Benjamin Peirce (Harvard University 1829)
11. Nathaniel Bowditch (Royal Society of London 1818)
For some interesting biographies of mathematicans, see here.

 Created: 27 Aug 2016
Modified: 15 May 2017