In 1982 I read a very thought provoking book. It was Science and First Principles, by F.S.C. Northrop.
Note: Filmer Stuart Cuckow Northrop was born in Janesville WI on 27 Nov 1893, and died in Exeter NH on 22 Jul 1992.
This work was originally given as Deems lectures delivered at New York University in May 1929. His book version was published in New York by Macmillan in 1931. I happened upon my copy as a Yale 1979 reprint in paperback, which I bought in 1982 at the Stanford University Bookstore for $12.

He began by talking about the pre-Socratic philosophers, and then delved into Einstein's theories of relativity, followed by a look at quantum mechanics. He described reality as having a Tripartite nature. He chose the terms physical, formal, and psychical for these three aspects of man.

He got me to thinking about this deeply, and over the years since then I have reflected on how these three qualities appear in our lives. Here are several tables that show the correspondence of these areas in science, philosophy, and theology.


Mechanics: F = ma = Gmm'/r^2Electromagnetism: F = q(E+vXB)Theromodynamics: E = mc^2
Physical substance; body, brainFormal principles; mind; design, formSpiritual, psychical; spirit; quality
Hardware: Memory, CPU, I/OSoftware: OS, Languages, ApplicationsInformation: Bits, Bytes, Streams
OS: Memory, Processes, FilesLanguages: Scanner, Parser, CodeGenApplications: Graphics, Text, Sound


Empiricism Rationalism Revelation
Empirical learning (senses) Rational learning (logic) Revelatory learning
Eros - physical / sexual love Phila - brotherly love / friendship Agape - love of God / charity
Art Science Religion


Faith Hope Charity
Faith (Hebrews 11) Hope (Romans 8) Charity (1 Corinthians 13)
Ask and ye shall receive (Matthew 7:7) Seek and ye shall find Knock and it shall be opened unto you
The Creation The Fall The Atonement
The trees of the garden (Genesis 2-3) The tree of knowledge of good & evil The tree of life
The Way (John 14:6) The Truth The Life
Christian Service Gospel Study Prayer

First Principles of the Gospel from the Beatitudes

Faith Hope Charity
[1] Faith in Jesus Christ
Matt 5:3 The poor in spirit
2 Peter 1:1-4 Faith
[4] The Gift of the Holy Ghost
Matt 5:6 Hunger after righteousness
2 Peter 1:6 Temperance (self-control)
[7] Missionary work (cf Is 52:7)
Matt 5:9 The peacemakers
2 Peter 1:7 Brotherly love
[2] Repentance
Matt 5:4 They that mourn
2 Peter 1:5 Virtue
[5] Mercy
Matt 5:7 The merciful
2 Peter 1:6 Patience
[8] Sacrifice
Matt 5:10 The persecuted
2 Peter 1:7 Charity
[3] Baptism
Matt 5:5 The meek (obedient)
2 Peter 1:5 Knowledge
[6] Second Comforter (John 14)
Matt 5:8 The pure in heart
2 Peter 1:6 Godliness (piety)
[9] Saving Knowledge
Matt 5:11-12 Those who sacrifice self
2 Peter 1:8-11 Calling & Election

Gospel Covenants from the Beatitudes

Faith Hope Charity
[1] Law of Obedience
Matt 5:13-16 Salt of earth; light of world
[4] Law of Chastity
Matt 5:27-32 Adultery; lust
[7] Law of Perfection
Matt 5:43-48 Love thine enemies
[2] Law of Sacrifice
Matt 5:17-20 Commandments; righteousness
[5] Law of Honesty
Matt 5:33-37 Oaths; communication
(Law of Perfection detailed in Matt 7)
[3] Law of the Gospel
Matt 5:21-26 Anger; forgiveness
[6] Law of Consecration
Matt 5:38-42 Almsgiving; lending
(Law of Consecration detailed in Matt 6)


Sorted by date within each section.
I started collecting these slogans or mottos after I had coined a few myself. The Germans had such mottos one hundred years ago, but I have not found any used in America before the 2000s.


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