A New Horse

Today, April 29th, 2005, was a day that Rachel has been waiting for for a long time. She finally got a horse!

We bought the fencing a few days ago but it has been raining a lot. Today it dried out and we realized that we needed to trade our 8 foot panel and 8 foot gate for a 12 foot panel and a 4 foot gate because the 8 footers needed stakes in the ground. So we made the swap and came back and setup the fencing in about 30 minutes. There are two large metal pins to connect each section and the whole thing just stands by itself. When the horse has eaten the alfalfa down, we'll just move the whole thing to a new pasture area. Even I can work with this kind of fencing!


Rachel wasted no time in saddling up her horse, who was previously named Thumper. We are now puzzling over a new name.


Happy times!


This is the 110 gallon water bucket for the horse. Apparently horses drink about 25-35 gallons of water per day!


The evening light shows off the fence, the gate section, and the beauty of the horse very nicely.


Getting the bridle installed...


A nice shot of the corral, which is two 16 foot sections wide and four 16 foot sections long, or 32 feet by 64 feet, or 2,048 square feet of room for the horse. If we need to expand we can just buy a few more sections and lengthen it. If we want to drive a truck into it, we can just unpin one of the 16 foot sections and swing it open. Very versatile fenching.


Time to mount the steed...


And she is up and on. Now release the bow line... oh wait, that was for the Visual Sea... :-)


This horse is almost the same age as the 1981 Honda Accord shown in the background, so we were expecting a slow horse but he wanted to get up and go!


Rachel rode off on our property. She seems very small out there!


And she got back and was very happy with her dream come true.


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Created:  29 Apr 2005
Modified: 29 Apr 2005