March 2003 Photos

Here are some photos of the Allens from the past few weeks of March 2003.

March 13th, in our cozy kitchen. Andrew thinks I can't see him, so he is making some funny hand motions. Brigham sets the table for dinner, so he is contemplating if his work is done, while in the background Beth is stirring up something delicious.


This is March 14th: Brigham is watching Jasmine, a newborn that we got to watch two different times before she was placed with her new adoptive parents. Brigham really likes little babies.


March 17th at my marina in Anacortes, the wind kicked up quite a bit -- notice the flag flying out straight in the middle of the photo -- and I liked the look of the floating house. The boat with the flag flying is a Tollycraft 26. I took this photo from the flying bridge of my Tollcraft 26!


Mars Bars vanished a month or two ago. Amazingly, at the same moment in time a new candy bar arrived which happens to be identical to the Mars Bar: the Snickers Almond Bar. Here they are shown for comparison. (Okay, so I was mainly playing around with the close-up mode on my digital camera... ;-)


March 28th was my birthday, and Rachel's 14th birthday was the next day on the 29th. We ended up celebrating both together on Friday night.


My lovely wife made me this nice crocheted blanket for the boat. The navy blue looks a bit black in this photo-it really is a bit more blue. I really like the edge stich.


Our family had not been to Mt. Rainier in almost 4 years. It is kind of a spring tradition of ours that has not happened in a while. We went again and here is part of Christine Falls, a spot on the drive up to Mt. Rainier.


And the Nisqually Glacier seen as we are driving up the mountain. The Mount Rainier park entrance is a two hour drive from our house. It then takes about another hour to get to Paradise, the highest spot that you can drive to by car at this time of year.


And here we are at the summit. This summit is Paradise, at 5,400 feet. Of course the real summit is much higher: 14,441 feet. One must hike the difference on foot. A nice park ranger took this photo of us all.


Here we are going into the visitor's center at Paradise, WA. The snow level was low this year, only being 13 feet deep. Normally it would have been about 20 feet deep at this time of year.


This is the view south from the visitor's center. This spot is one of the snowiest spots on earth. Average snowfall for Paradise is 630 inches per winter. In 1971-1972 this area got 1,122 inches of snowfall. Mount Baker a few hundreds mile to the north in 1998-1999 actually beat this with 1,140 inches of snowfall. That is 95 feet of snow!


Part of our picnic lunch.


The other part of our picnic lunch.


The Inn at Paradise is open for overnight stays in the summer. During the winter the entrance is that metal hole on the side of the snowbank!


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Created:  30 Mar 2003
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