New Furniture

18 June 2001

Our new furniture finally arrived! It took many months, but it was worth the wait.

Our entry way, with a new Persian rug, and a view of our new end and coffee tables.

Entry way

Our living room, with everything new except the blue couch.

Living room

This is our new coffee table for the living room.

Living room coffee table

Here is Dan's favorite living room chair.

Yellow chair by Drexel Heritage

This is Beth's favorite living room chair. This is the famed "Bug Chair".

The famous Bug Chair by Drexel Heritage

The dining room is actually being used as a TV room, an extension of the living room. Note both rooms have been painted a light blue.

Dining room as TV room, with TV around the corner in an armoire

This floral chair reminds me of my mother, Betsy Allen.

Dining/TV room chair and ottoman by Drexel Heritage

This couch is very comfortable. It is the primary TV viewing spot. There is also a new ottoman on the left with two matching pillows on the couch. A new end table completes the room.

Dining/TV room couch by Drexel Heritage

This is our family room.

Our family room

This is our new family room couch.

Drexel Heritage couch

This is a very cozy and comfy chair in the family room.

Drexel Heritage chair and ottoman

We have a pair of brass, wood, and glass tables in the family room.

Family room Pepsi tables.

This is our new kitchen table and chairs. We got 10 chairs, 2 with arms. The table is shown here at its smallest where it seats 6. We also have 2 more 20 inch leafs that extend the table to seat 10.

Kitchen Table by Drexel Heritage.

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Created:  21 Jun 2001
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