Today we went on a trip to Nantucket on the Hy-Line fast ferry The Gray Lady. The trip is about an hour each way. Two round-trip tickets from Hyannis cost $154. Here is the entrance to the Nantucket harbor: Brant Point, with the Brant Point Lighthouse.


The harbor had two US Coast Guard 47 foot motor lifeboats (MLBs). This vessel was constructed by Textron in 2000.


This is the Mariner House on Centre Street, where you can rent an apartment. It was built in 1846.


Here are two happy visitors to the island, my sister Laura Allen Edvalson on the left, and my dear wife Beth Tobin Allen on the right.


There is a cool compass rose with distances to various places from Nantucket, but many of the numbers are very inaccurate, which depresses me.


Jeeps and Priuses are the most common vehicles on the island.


This bunch of flowers in the middle of Main Street is ground zero for the town. It is a lot of fun to wander the streets. I found some Croakies glasses retainers at The Sunken Ship on 12 Broad Street. I bought a polymer Sperm Whale to put on my wall at The Scrimshander Gallery on 38 Centre Street. We also all bought many things at the Four Winds Gifts store on 6 Straight Wharf right near the ferries.


Here are some other small cars on Center Street. The brick building is the Jared Coffin House on 29 Broad Street. It was built in 1846.


On South Beach Street there was a place renting Jeeps & Vespas. Of course we always like to see cute Mini Coopers.


Today we saw some beautiful weather and these flowers were flourishing. It was 51°F, had 63% humidity, with 13 mph east winds.


We were told by a construction worker on the ferry that LoLa 41° was a great place to eat. He said that the burger for $10 was "off the hook." He then said that the $25 Tuna Burger was "really off the hook. Literally." So we went and found it at 15 South Beach St.


Beth had a Bento box filled with bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and King Crab rangoons.


Woody had the Tuna Burger, while Laura had a Chicken Udon Noodle Bowl.


I had a Greek Salad and fries.


Beth & I shared a piece of Carrot Cake with ganache and vanilla bean ice cream. It was so good!


All good things have a cost! We had a great day and it was worth every penny. Today was my second time coming to Nantucket, and I look forward to returning again when we return to the Cape.


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Created:  06 Apr 2015
Modified: 04 Jun 2016