The Position of the Sun

Given the date, time, latitude, longitude, and time zone of a location, this page calculates the position of the sun. North latitude, west longitude and US time zones are all positive numbers. Latitude, longitude, and all results (except radius) are in decimal degrees, including right ascension and the equation of time.
Time Zone:

- Press here to determine your current location. - Press here after filling in the above fields. - Press here to determine the sun's position right now. - Returns the fields above to all of their default values.

Sun Longitude:
Sun Radius AU:
Right Ascension:
Equation of Time:
Local Noon:

View the source code to this page to see the underlying formulas used. They come from Jean Meeus' excellent Astronomical Algorithms, 2nd edition, published by Willmann-Bell of Virginia.

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Created:  26 Dec 2000
Modified: 17 Aug 2016