S350 Center Console Contents

It is comforting to carry some essentials in the car, in case of emergencies.

In my door compartment I have a few Zebra pens, two pair of sunglasses, and one pair of reading glasses. In the trunk I have two hats, two bottles of water, and a Ziploc bag full of gorp (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts). I have a small duffel bag in the trunk with a warm hat, a pair of gloves, a couple of blankets, and a pillow. Also in this duffel bag is a Mercedes-Benz First Aid Kit which contains:

The more interesting items are in my center console compartment. Here they are:


Starting in the upper left and going clockwise, I have:

1) a pack of Dentyne gum,
2) a Western Digital Ultra 2 TB hard drive with a backup of my most important files,
3) a small leather coin purse with some cash and coins,
4) a 2 AA Maglite flashlight and sleeve,
5) a bottle of aspirin,
6) a double USB 12V charger with two Apple Lightning-USB cords,
7) two microfiber clothes to clean iPhones and glasses,
8) a pair of Leica 8x21 Trinovid binoculars and case,
9) a small package of Kleenex,
10) a small Adventure Medical Survival Kit,
11) a small LED flashlight,
12) a box of orange Tic Tacs,
13) a Paladin PowerPlay multitool and case.

I also have several tins of Altoids (not pictured).

Keeping a spare hard drive with my files on it gives me great peace of mind. I update it every week, so I suppose it is the item I use the most!

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Created:  8 Nov 2017
Modified: 4 Mar 2019