Visual Sea Christening & Launch

6th Anniversary: A Visual Sea Update

I sold the Visual Sea in 2001 to Andre Boysen who renamed it Farfarer. He spent some time on it in the Caribbean. Then in October of 2002 it was resold again to Michael Perfit who recently had retired from Lightbridge (Burlington, MA), and renamed the vessel Stargazer. In May and June of 2004 he took N4664 across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR), and he has been cruising the Mediterranean ever since.

We were supposed to cross the Atlantic and were not able to do so, but I am glad that the Visual Sea has gone on to do what she was meant to do.

Bonus Addition for 6th Anniversary!

My team from Microsoft came and joined us for the day's fun six years ago. We were called WCETQA at the time: Windows Compact Edition Tools Quality Assurance - it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

I continue to be in touch with many of the team, these many years later. In fact, this reminds me that we are overdue for our annual lunch at the British Pantry in Redmond!

From left to right: Michael Rockhold, Richard Hoffheimer, Tom Abbott, Kevin Purcell, and Richard Squire.

The WCETQA team

The Christening

Our new ship Visual Sea has been launched! It happened Thursday, November 18th, 1999. At 1:13 PM PST in Tacoma Washington my beautiful wife christened the ship:

Here's to following seas and fair winds: I hereby christen thee the Visual Sea.

The Launch

After the christening we immediately launched the boat, as we had scheduled the whole ceremony around high tide in the Hylebos Waterway (ship channel). Things began to happen fast:

1:15 PM - Began sliding down the ways

Out of the water.

1:16 PM - She entered the water

Nearing the water.

1:18 PM - Still supported by the rails underwater

In but still supported.

1:21 PM - Ship began to float on her own!

A right pretty ship.

Dave Harlow, the project manager for all Nordhavn 46s, was pleased with the day's accomplishments, as we all were!

Movie of the Launch

Here is for a movie of the christening of Visual Sea by my wife Beth Allen:

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Created:  18 Nov 1999
Modified: 20 Sep 2016