Dan Allen

Favorite YouTube Channels

Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels. The list goes from the channels with the least subscribers, to ones with the most subscribers at the end. Most are entertaining, many are educational. Enjoy!

YouTube subscriber counts as of 4 Nov 2018.

Well there you are. Thousands of hours of videos to be watched. I have certainly not seen all of the videos by these people, but I watch a few each day instead of watching much TV anymore. Oh, except for Phil Rosenthal's Somebody Feed Phil show, which is one of the most joyful shows about food and travel of all time! (It is on Netflix, so I guess that is not TV either.)

For the one month from Oct 4th to Nov 4th of 2018, the growth rate of subscribers for these artists were:

0.5%	Sawyer Hartman
0.6%	Coast Life
0.6%	Jenna Ezarik
0.9%	Emelie's Outdoor Adventures
1.0%	Survival Lilly
1.2%	Casey Neistat
1.4%	Jay Leno's Garage
1.6%	Nick Murray
1.7%	Nate Murphy
1.7%	iPhonedo
1.9%	Sailing SV Delos
2.1%	iJustine
2.5%	Jonathan Morrison
2.7%	Kirsten Dirksen
3.5%	Linus Tech Tips
3.7%	Dave Lee
3.9%	Strange Parts
4.1%	Marques Brownlee
4.4%	Sailing Doodles
5.0%	Doug DeMuro
6.4%	Hoovies Garage
6.4%	JerryRigEverything
8.1%	My Self Reliance

Created:  4 Oct 2018
Modified: 4 Nov 2018