Awk is a great scripting language: think of it as a simple, clean Perl. I am the who contributed a few build scripts to Brian Kernighan's one-true-awk. The official website is here:

I have added a few more additions that I have not yet given Brian. This webpage has a variant that has all of Kernighan's official sources, plus under #ifdef a few changes to improve Awk under MPW on the Mac, such as a Commando interface shown here:

MPW with its Commando interface to Awk.


This Zip archive (which can be opened with StuffIt or ZipIt) contains:

To download this 268 KB archive, click here.

Sample Scripts

To see how simple Awk is, here are a few Awk scripts.

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Created:  27 Feb 2001
Modified:  8 Oct 2003