Shelf Building Project, January 29, 2000.

This project was a lot of fun: to build a set of shelves 24 feet wide by 10 feet high by 2 feet deep across the back of our garage. Tom Taylor did the design and led the work. Woody Edvalson provided a van to get the lumber and was the chief worker along with Tom. I followed up by nailing all of the shelves in place, although I did get to use the power saw once...

We started by moving out the cars for several days:

Cars in driveway

This allowed us to then move everything away from the back wall of the garage before everyone showed up:

Empty garage wall

Early Saturday morning the team got to work, about 8:00am. Tom brought a cool power saw:

Tom using his cool power saw

By 3:00pm the basic shelves were done:

Empty completed shelves

This is Tom and Woody right after the "capstone" was laid!

Tom Taylor on the left, Woody Edvalson on the right

Dan and Tom have known each other since birth in Cincinnati. They worked together at Apple and Microsoft.

Dan on left, Tom Taylor on right

The shelves with everything loaded up:

Shelves done and loaded up

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Project:  29 Jan 2000
Created:   2 Feb 2000
Modified: 15 Apr 2006