Trip Summaries

Most recent trips are shown first.
SL = Spring Lake, UT (not SLC!)
NB = North Bend, WA

June 24th – June 28th, 2005 — Paradise Trip
Who: Brigham, Andrew, and I.
What: Took the Jetta TDI to Paradise to meet my sister at my Father's home for a few days.
Where: SL → Paradise → SL.
Stats: 1510 mi total; trip over 735 mi in 12.6 hrs for 58.3 MPH average.
Sights: 120 MPH in western Nevada, drive down highway 20 forest, Elko for tacos & burritos, steak oscar in Paradise.
February 27th, 2005 — Scofield ride
Who: The family after we accidentally missed church.
What: Took the new EuroVan to Scofield to see what it was like.
Where: SL → Scofield → SL.
Stats: 146 mi total; 2 hours 31 minutes round trip.
Sights: Ice fishermen, 1 dead elk, several trains, almost 8,000 elevations, beautiful snow; "Bingle's Farming Town".
December 4th – December 10th, 2004 — Triangle Trip
Who: Just me in the VW Jetta Wagon TDI.
What: Went back to Anacortes to sell the Tolly 26.
Where: SL → Paradise, CA for 3 nights → Anacortes for 1 final night → Issaquah for 1 night → SL.
Stats: 2,491 miles, including 725 SL → Paradise, 757 Paradise → Anacortes, 866 NB → SL.
Sights: Extremely cold weather; tire chains north of Redding; HP-33S at Fry's in Wilsonville; said goodbye to Tolly 26 and unpacked all of her gear into the Jetta; visited with Paul & Anita Tobin for one last time at their Renton home as they were packing up; slept north of Ogden on the long trip home, arriving in Spring Lake at 6:58 AM. Whew. Exhausted.
November 24th – November 27th, 2004 — Poolside Thanksgiving Trip
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Went to Lake Havasu for Thanksgiving to be with Dolores, Joe & Lisa, and others.
Where: SL → Lake Havasu → SL.
Stats: 1,087 miles (524 down, 53 there, 510 back); 9h 51m down (8h 0m moving), 8h 57m back.
Sights: Virgin River Gorge. Thanksgiving next to a swimming pool, outdoors in the sun! A first for us.
November 1st – November 5th, 2004 — First Trip back to Washington from Utah
Who: Just me in the VW Jetta Wagon TDI.
What: Went back to Anacortes to check on the Tolly 26.
Where: SL → Boise for 1 night → Issaquah for 2 nights → Seattle → Anacortes for 1 night → SL.
Stats: 2,103 miles, 37 hours of driving, including one 19 hour 974 mile stretch, a new personal record for longest distance in one go. Averaged 46 MPG.
Sights: Rain in North Bend, Uncle TK & Kirkland Train Store, lunch at Wendy's; bookstores & lunch w/Kevin Purcell in Seattle; Bush wins Election.
September 14, 2004 — Anacortes to Seattle Sailing Trip
Who: Captain Mike Holm, Randy Hamblin, and myself.
What: Took High Hopes from Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes back to Elliott Bay Marina E-19.
Where: Anacortes → Seattle.
Stats: 8 hours 10 minutes sailing time.
Sights: Cruise ship, nuclear submarine and escort, many Common Murres (Uria aalge).
August 28, 2004 — Seattle to Anacortes Sailing Trip
Who: Captain Mike Holm, Tom Taylor, and myself.
What: Took High Hopes from Elliott Bay Marina E-19 to Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes.
Where: Seattle → Anacortes.
Stats: About 86 miles in about 8 hours sailing time.
Sights: Beautiful weather, restful voyage; Tom fell asleep reading.
August 9th – August 17th, 2004 — Family Find a New House Trip
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Went to Utah to look for a new home.
Where: NB → Salt Lake City → Orem → NB.
Stats: 2,434 miles.
Sights: Many homes, and we found a new home!
August 1st, 2004 — Second North Cascades Highway Trip
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Went on the wonderful North Cascades Highway 20 loop.
Where: NB → Sedro-Wooley → Winthrop → Cle Elum → NB.
Stats: 427 miles in 11 hours and 26 minutes.
Sights: Gorge Dam, Diablo Lake, Ross Lake, Washington Pass, Winthrop, Three Fingered Jack's Saloon.
July 5th, 2004 – July 13th, 2004 — JKA 100th Celebration
Who: My oldest son Andrew and I.
What: Took the Jetta TDI to a family gathering at 390 East Center Provo Utah on the 100th anniversary of my Grandfather's birth.
Where: NB → Paradise → Elko → Provo → Elko → NB.
Stats: 2,804 miles. NB to Paradise on a single tank of gas: 685 miles, 53.4 MPG!
Sights: In-N-Out Burger in Paradise; Strattons Market; Toy & Toulon NV; Unionville NV with massive Mormon Crickets; Beowawe, Crescent Valley talk with a gold miner while eating hard-as-a-rock ice cream sandwiches; California Burrito at Elko Burrito van; Polar Bear moved at Elko's Commercial Hotel; Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo; Knightsville; Daley Freeze in Payson, little did we know that we would be moving there a month later! Nick Page at Palace Cafe; 100°F, 100 MPH in a diesel on the Salt Flats on JKA's 100th Birthday; back to Elko Burrito van for Andrew to get another California Burrito.
May 10th, 2004 — Looking for Real Estate Ride
Who: Just me.
What: Took the new Jetta Wagon TDI for a nice ride looking for land and homes.
Where: NB → Issaquah → Monroe → Telma → Plain → Leavenworth → Cle Elum → NB.
Stats: 257 mi total; 7 hours of driving.
Sights: Tom Taylor's cabin at Lake Wenatchee (N47°50.655' W120°48.956'); German Potato salad at Dan's Market in Leavenworth; 1710 Nelson Siding Road on 3 acres in Cle Elum, and when I got home, we learned it has sold.
May 9th, 2004 — Mother's Day Ride
Who: The family.
What: Took the EuroVan for a picnic & ride after church.
Where: NB → Ensign Ranch → Cle Elum → NB.
Stats: 106 mi total; 1 sandwich and 2 Suzy Qs per person.
Sights: 1710 Nelson Siding Road (N47°11.667' W121°04.536') on 3 acres in Cle Elum. Survivor finale when we got home.
April 11th – April 18th, 2004 — Family Trip to Havasu
Who: The family.
What: Took the EuroVan to visit family on Spring Break.
Where: NB → Paradise, CA → Lake Havasu, AZ → Paradise, CA → NB.
Stats: 2,904 mi total; 52 hr 29 minutes to drive 2,722 miles, averaged 52 mph including stops.
Sights: Nonnie/Joe & Lisa's new homes, pool, hot tub, shooting 22s, riding Honda 50s, 17 hand horse, fixing computers, Andrew programming, FBS pocket sextant sights; Barstow boarded up house and junkyard are Andrew's favorite; Fresno Krispy Kremes and Modesto Jamba Juice; dinner with Dad at Outback Steakhouse, ride to see new part of Paradise with peacocks and llamas; Baja Fresh and Jamba Juice in Wilsonville.
March 7th 2004 — Cle Elum DQ Run
Who: The kids and Dad while Beth was in Southern California for GWA.
What: Took the EuroVan on a family ride due to popular demand.
Where: NB → Cle Elum. → NB.
Stats: 114 miles, 3 stops, $1.849 for premium gas.
Sights: Rain, snow on the mountains, happy children, Dairy Queen.
February 17th – February 18th, 2004 — Vancouver Getaway
Who: Beth and I.
What: Took my Audi to Canada for an overnight trip.
Where: NB → New Westminster → NB.
Stats: 332 miles, 2 rides on the Sky Train into downtown Vancouver, 1 Canadian Costco run (different stuff!).
Sights: Dinner at the Keg and browsed Chapters bookstore in downtown Vancouver, hot tub in hotel room, walk in the rain.
January 29th – February 5th, 2004 — Paradise, Modesto, Kenwood Trip
Who: I drove in my Audi A4.
What: Visited my Dad and Paul Finlayson and Erich Ringewald, all in California.
Where: NB → Paradise → Modesto → Paradise → Kenwood → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 2,117 miles, 4 days of driving, 1 new Leatherman Squirt P4, 1 new Stinger flashlight.
Sights: Lunch with Paul at Red Lobster, dessert at Olive Garden, followed by technology conference with wireless networking in our hotel room; dinner with Dad at Outback; met Henry, Jennifer's dad and brother.
October 21st – November 11th, 2003 — ICW Trip
Who: Erich Ringewald and I.
What: Spent 20 days aboard the Salty Dog, a Krogen 39, down the Eastern seaboard.
Where: Seatac → Oakland → Washington DC → Fort Lauderdale → Chicago → Seatac.
Stats: 5212.2 nmi of flying; 981.5 nmi of boating, 7.0 knot average speed, 57.8 nmi per day average; 10 nights at anchor.
Sights: Annapolis MD and Skipper Bob, Coinjock & Albemerle Sound NC and a floating city, St. Augustine FL and historical sights, Ft. Lauderdale FL & a cuban sandwich; Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins.
October 9th–12th, 2003 — 3rd Annual Oregon Beach House Family Trip
Who: The whole family in the EuroVan.
What: Four days and three nights at Kiwanda Coastal Properties house #163, The Surf Rider.
Where: NB → McMinnville → Pacific City → NB.
Stats: 598 miles of driving; measured the Haystack as being 4,168 feet offshore and 349 feet tall.
Sights: Sun, waves, wind, rain; fireplace for her, open window for me, peace and quiet for both of us; billards for the kids.
September 22nd–24th, 2003 — Bremerton Sailing Tour
Who: Mike Holm and I for a short repetition of our annual Guy's Sailing Trip.
What: Sailed in Puget Sound aboard High Hopes for a couple of days.
Where: Seattle → Poulsbo → Bremerton → Seattle.
Stats: 41.3 nmi, 5 hours 40 minutes of cruising with the iron jib, 7.3 knot average speed.
Sights: Poulsbo bakery, Bremerton bus system routes 11 and 24 in search of a spark plug for the dinghy.
September 1st–4th, 2003 — Trip to Utah for Nancy's Wedding
Who: Beth and I drove in the green Audi A4.
What: To Salt Lake City for Nancy Jensen's wedding to Colin Chipman.
Where: North Bend → Sandy, UT → North Bend.
Stats: 1,844 miles total; main trip 1,650 miles, 59 mph average, 28 hours of driving time, 90-100°F.
Sights: Salt Lake Temple, visit with Aunt Phyllis (age 95), Olive Garden, Distribution Services, lots of haze.
July 28th – August 1st, 2003 — Record Heat in Paradise Trip
Who: The boys and I in the new Passat.
What: Went to visit Dad in Paradise, CA while the girls went to Girl's Camp.
Where: North Bend → Paradise, CA → North Bend.
Stats: 1,411 miles, 56 mph average, 25 hrs 26 minutes of driving time, 32.1 mpg average; 113°F in Redding, 107°F in Paradise; two mornings of work cleaning dead grass.
Sights: Chico mall several times, "pizza at 3", new Sanyo 4900 cell phone for Dad, 1 old Volvo in Oregon trying to stop a semi, 1 very large gray squirrel.
July 24th, 2003 — Decatur Head as a Family
Who: The whole family, including Andrew! (His first time out on the boat.)
What: Took out the Tollycraft 26 for an afternoon.
Where: Anacortes F-81 → Decatur Head (N48°30.867' W122°47.303') → Anacortes.
Stats: 3.5 hours on the engine, 1 bimini deployment, 1 anchor deployment, ~ 20 nautical miles.
Sights: A few seals & dolphins, 1 peaceful afternoon with lunch aboard, dinner at KFC: a wonderful day.
July 4th–5th, 2003 — Tobinfest 2003
Who: The whole family, along with Nonnie in the EuroVan.
What: Went to Peter Tobin's house along with Paul & Joe and their families for a 4th of July party.
Where: NB → Rathdrum, ID → NB.
Stats: 560 miles, 9:05 driving time; 4 coolers of drinks at the party; 30,493 sqft or 0.7 acres of land at Pete's place have been cleared (calculated via GPS).
Sights: Downdown Couer d'Alene with its marina, candy store, and park; fireworks, fun outdoor BBQ, horseshoes, games at the party.
June 28th, 2003 — Decatur Head
Who: Mike Holm and I.
What: Took the Tollycraft 26 (Mini Sea?) to exercise her anchoring system.
Where: Anacortes F-81 → James Island → Decatur Head → Anacortes.
Stats: 3.6 hours on the engine, 1 bimini deployment, 2 anchor deployments, ~ 20 nautical miles.
Sights: A few seals, 1 large transport ship with a pair of Crowley tugs, 1 peaceful afternoon, dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Burlington.
June 9th, 2003 — Family Wal-Mart Run
Who: The whole family in the EuroVan.
What: Went to the Auburn Wal-Mart for clothes.
Where: NB → Highway of Death (18) → Auburn → NB.
Stats: $317.
Sights: Lunch at Longhorn BBQ.
June 8th, 2003 — Family & Andrew to the Boat
Who: The whole family, including Andrew, in the EuroVan.
What: Went and saw the boat in Anacortes, Andrew's first time.
Where: NB → Anacortes → NB.
Stats: Refilled front water tank, 1 game of Scrabble with lots of pretzels eaten.
Sights: Andrew said the boat was "homey", which meant it was good.
June 3rd–7th, 2003 — Open Boat to Campbell River, BC
Who: Randy Lousberg and I in his Stabicraft 18.
What: Headed to Alaska but my camping hardships curtailed the trip.
Where: Seattle → Coupeville → Nanaimo → Sandy Island → Campbell River → Cornet Bay → Seattle.
Stats: 400 nmi, 92 gallons of gas, or about 5 mpg with the Honda 90.
Sights: Bald eagles, Dall's porpoises, river otter, many harbor seals; Dodd Narrows, Deception Pass; sun, sea, sky, forests.
May 13th–15th, 2003 — Tofino, BC
Who: Beth and I in the Audi A4.
What: Drove to Tofino, BC for a quiet time together.
Where: NB → Tsawwassen → Nanaimo → Tofino → Nanaimo → NB.
Stats: 625 miles of driving, two 36 nmi ferry rides @ 20 knots, 45 minute walk on the beach.
Sights: Pacific Ocean, bald eagles, dolphins, untouched miles of forests.
April 25th–May 3rd, 2003 — Aunt Kathy Baumgarten Funeral / Moving Trip
Who: Beth and I to Portland; myself in 20' truck to San Bernardino; Dad and I to Utah and back home.
What: Drove a moving truck for Katy and attended funerals.
Where: NB → Portland → Medford → Modesto → San Bernardino → Sandy → NB.
Stats: 2,680 miles of driving, 1 snowstorm over Siskyous, 2 funerals.
Sights: Palm Springs w/Laura; the Ranch & cousins; visited 3 car lots with Irene.
Can you say locality of reference? Portland 3 times in 10 days!
April 21st, 2003 — Bonsai Portland Run
Who: Just me in the green Audi A4.
What: Drove to Portland to meet with Katy B. and setup the moving trip.
Where: NB → Portland → NB.
Stats: 403 miles, 8 hours 45 minute total time, 46 mph average including stops!
Sights: Kelly Johnson (great RS President), Taco Bell run in Vancouver, WA at 10:28pm.
April 15th, 2003 — Portland Book Run
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Drove to Portland for fun during Spring Break.
Where: NB → Portland → NB.
Stats: 390 miles of driving, books purchased from two Powells.
Sights: Powell's Books; Baja Fresh; Wal-Mart.
March 30th, 2003 — Annual Family Rainier Trip
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Drove up Mt. Rainier (14,441') to have a picnic lunch at Paradise, WA.
Where: NB → Paradise, WA (N46°47.04' W121°44.49' at 5,396 feet ASL) → Paradise, WA → NB.
Stats: 216 miles of driving, 6:32 trip time, 13 feet of snow at Paradise, WA.
Sights: Christine Falls, stuffed Pine Martin in the museum, the beauty of it all.
February 27th, 2003 — Guemes Island Circumnavigation
Who: Ken Davis and I.
What: Went around Guemes Island in the 1979 Tollycraft 26 Sedan.
Where: Anacortes Marina → CCW around Guemes → Anacortes Marina.
Stats: 15.24 nautical miles, 2 hours 7 minutes, or 7.2 knots average.
Sights: Sunny San Juan islands, a tugboat, a Grand Banks 32.
February 15–22, 2003 — Havasu with Kamy
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan, along with Rachel's friend Kamy Bailey.
What: Went to visit the desert.
Where: NB → Paradise, CA → Lake Havasu, AZ → Paradise, CA → NB.
Stats: 2,899 miles of driving, swimming twice, 4 new tires in Chico.
Sights: Kyle, Fry's Electronics, chemical spill in Mojave, Havasu Frozen Yogurt, Chico Mall.
December 7th, 2002 — First Family Trip on Tolly 26
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan, except for Andrew who stayed home.
What: Went on a boat ride in our new 1979 Tollycraft 26 Sedan.
Where: NB → Anacortes → Decatur Head → Anacortes → NB.
Stats: 19.2 nmi on the water, 200 miles of driving, 3 hour boat trip.
Sights: Sunny San Juan islands, a few tugboats, 2 dolphins.
November 24th, 2002 — Sequim / Port Gamble
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan, except for Andrew who stayed home.
What: Went to Port Gamble to climb the tree.
Where: NB → Tacoma → Hood Canal Bridge → Sequim → Port Gamble → Kingston Ferry → NB.
Stats: 267 miles, 8 hours, 5 pieces of halibut from Ivars.
Sights: Dungeness lighthouse, no more KFC in Sequim, fog here and there, buffalo (two places).
October 9th–13th, 2002 — 2nd Annual Oregon Beach House Trip
Who: The whole family in the VW EuroVan.
What: Went to an Oregon Beach house, Kiwanda Coastal Properties #104, The Lighthouse.
Where: NB → Longview → Astoria → Tillamook → Pacific City, OR → NB.
Stats: 590 miles, 5 days, $1,039.24, 1 Least Sandpiper, 1 Northwest Garter Snake.
Sights: Sunsets, the stars on a clear night far from any city lights, dozens of sextant sights, 4 sand castles.
September 30th – October 3, 2002 — Quick Getaway to Montana
Who: Beth and I in the green Audi A4.
What: Visited Glacier National Park for the first time.
Where: NB → Whitefish, MT → Missoula, MT → Coeur d'Alene, ID → NB.
Stats: 1,537 miles, 4 days, $619.47; 4 stops at McDonalds.
Sights: Peter Tobin in his cooking garb; Creston, Flathead Lake; the lakes, streams and mountains of Glacier NP; Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart shopping runs.
August 28–31st, 2002 — Guys Summer Sailing Trip
Who: Mike Holm and I aboard High Hopes, Mike's Nauticat 44.
What: Had the annual guy's sailing trip.
Where: Seattle → Port Townsend → Sequim Bay → Port Ludlow → Seattle.
Stats: 200? miles, 4 days, 1 nuclear submarine sighting.
Sights: Randy Hamblin (joined us in Saga in Port Ludlow); many seals; dense fog. in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
July 31st – August 11th, 2002 — First EFY Trip
Who: Andrew & I in the 2001 Audi A4.
What: Drove Andrew back to BYU for Especially For Youth. I visited family during the week.
Where: NB → Paradise → Elko → Provo → Sandy → Provo → Boise → NB.
Stats: 2492 miles, 12 days, free 802.11b wireless Internet in my hotel room!
Sights: Visited Aunt Irene, Cousin Bob, Allen's Camera.
July 27th 2002 — Annual School Supply Trip
Who: The whole family in the EuroVan.
What: Went to buy school supplies at Wal-Mart
Where: NB → Wenatchee → NB.
Stats: 232 miles, $319.99 at Wal-Mart.
Sights: Wendy's lunch; Cle Elum.
July 17–18th, 2002 — Late Anniversary Trip
Who: Beth and I, Laura & Woody Edvalson in the 2001 Audi A4.
What: Drove to Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia to celebrate our 15th and 20th wedding anniversaries.
Where: NB → Tswassen → ferry to Sydney → Victoria → ferry from Sydney → Tswassen → Vancouver BC → NB.
Stats: 420 miles, 2 days, 1 night at Traveller's Inn, 1 fabulous dinner at Nautical Nellie's, Victoria.
Sights: Buchart Gardens, Stanley Park.
June 15th – July 5th, 2002 — First Cross Country Family Trip
Who: The whole family of six in the EuroVan. It worked great!
What: Drove across America for a Tobin Family Reunion.
Where: Overnighted in Rathdrum, ID; Billings, MT; Spearfish, SD; Sioux Falls, SD; Waterloo, IA; Peoria, IL; Columbus, OH; Princeton, NJ x 2; Mystic, CT; Billerica, MA x 5; Niagara Falls, NY; South Bend, IN; Madison, WI; Fargo, ND; Bozeman, MT.
Stats: 7,159 miles, 21 days, 19 states, approximately $6000 for gas, food, lodging, books, etc.
Sights: Little Bighorn MT, Mt. Rushmore SD, Wall Drug SD, Nauvoo Temple IL, NYC Ground Zero, Empire State Building & Staten Island Ferry NY, Mystic Seaport CT, The Breakers Newport RI, Plymouth Rock MA, Chez Tassinari Arlington MA, Tobin Party Beverly MA, The Brothers Deli Salem MA, Sacred Grove & Hill Cumorah Palmyra NY, Niagara Falls NY, Kirtland Temple OH, Chicago IL, massive rainstorm ND.
States: CT, IA, ID, IL, IN, MA, MN, MT, ND, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SD, WA, WI, WV, WY.
May 26th – June 1st, 2002 — Final Palo Alto Trip
Who: Rachel and I in the EuroVan.
What: Went to help DRA & TKA clean out the family home.
Where: NB → Bend → Paradise → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 1,902 miles, $151 in gas, a dozen Golden-mantled ground squirrels at Lava Butte.
Sights: Cheese House, Harry's Hofbrow in Redwood City, leveled Harry's Hofbrow in Mountain View.
May 17–18th, 2002 — NW Nauticat Rendeavous
Who: Mike Holm, Tom Taylor, and I aboard Mike's Nauticat 44 High Hopes.
What: Went to the annual Nautical sailboat gathering and race.
Where: Elliott Bay Marina, Seattle → Port Ludlow → Elliott Bay.
Stats: 60 nmi, last place in a pack of 11 Nauticats.
Sights: Saturday night alone on the Puget Sound, boarded by Coast Guard at 11:47 PM.
April 4–8th, 2002 — Alice R. Allen Funeral Trip
Who: The whole family in the EuroVan.
What: Went to my Grandmother Allen's funeral in Utah.
Where: NB → Salt Lake City → NB.
Stats: 1,902 miles. Grandma had lived to age 95.
Sights: Family lunch at Little America, Promontory Point, Boise Cracker Barrel, BYU w/kids.
March 8–15th, 2002 — Western Loop Solo
Who: Just me in the 2001 Audi A4.
What: Went to visit friends and family.
Where: NB → Paradise → Palo Alto → Elko → Provo → St. George → Death Valley → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 3,540 miles, $918.83 total expenses, 1 coyote, 1 rabbit, 1 kangaroo mouse, 3 kangaroo rats.
Sights: Visited with Dad, Uncle Tom, Carol Mead, Steve Belmont, Kent Flowers, Truman Madsen, Bob Allen, Robert Parker.
February 15–16th, 2002 — First EuroVan Overnighter
Who: The whole family in the new VW EuroVan.
What: Got away for a couple of days, staying the night at the Sands Hotel in Ocean Shores.
Where: NB → Ocean Shores → Port Townsend → Anacortes → NB.
Stats: 423 miles, 13 hours 14 minutes, $541.19 total expenses.
Sights: Wal-Mart at Aberdeen; Las Maracas at Ocean Shores; sunset at the Pacific Ocean; Duffys breakfast in Aberdeen; ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island; Anacortes Marina.
January 21st, 2002 — First Family EuroVan Trip
Who: The whole family in the new VW EuroVan.
What: Went to see some favorite family sights.
Where: NB → Port Gamble → Bainbridge Ferry → Seattle → Ivar's → NB.
Stats: 174 miles, 7 hours 42 minutes, $97.70 total expenses.
Sights: Sunset near Shilshole; Ivar's halibut and clams; the Port Gamble store & tree.
January 5th–10th, 2002 — MacWorld 2002 Trip
Who: Just me in the green Audi A4.
What: Went to see the new LCD iMac at MacWorld San Francisco.
Where: NB → Paradise → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 1,817 miles, 30 hours 46 minutes driving time, $173.00 total expenses.
Sights: Train ride to/from San Francisco from Palo Alto; new iMac; Apple Store in Palo Alto.
November 17th–25th, 2001 — Thanksgiving Havasu Trip
Who: The whole family in the Astro.
What: Went to the desert for Thanksgiving to be with the Tobins.
Where: NB → Paradise → Lake Havasu → Palo Alto → Crescent City → NB.
Stats: 3,306 miles, 63.4 hours driving, 3 hours swimming; $0.97/gallon of gas in Bakersfield; $1,119 spent.
Sights: Wave pool, 50 mph boat ride on Havasu; turkey and 6 vegetables; a snow storm closed I-5 North of Redding, Victorian house in Eureka.
October 8th–October 14th, 2001 — First Trip to Europe
Who: My lovely wife Beth and I.
What: Took our first trip to Europe, specifically to Germany. It was incredible!
Where: Seattle → London → Munich → Salzburg → Munich → London → Seattle.
Stats: 10,964 miles, 4 BA flights, 2 train rides, many subway rides; $3,986 spent.
Sights: Herrods, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Marienplatz, Mozart's birthplace, Audi A2s, soccer crowds, cream of mushroom soup at the Palais Keller.
September 30th–October 2nd, 2001 — First Long Truck Trip
Who: Just me in my Chevy Silverado truck.
What: Drove banzai to see my ailing Grandmother in Palo Alto.
Where: NB → Palo Alto, CA → Paradise, CA → NB.
Stats: 1,703 miles, 29 hr 47 min driving in 59 hr 9 minutes; $526.75 spent; 106°F max, lots of 98°F weather.
Sights: Jim Thomas at the hospital, Uncle Charlie Owen Stewart at the Cheese House, Stanford Bookstore, 21 mpg in truck!
August 27th–September 1st, 2001 — Paradise Brush Cutting Trip
Who: Andrew, Joshua, and I in the Audi A4.
What: Spent 3 days cutting down dead manzanita trees (and I got sick).
Where: NB → Paradise, CA → NB.
Stats: 1,399 miles, 23 hr 53 min driving; $184.91 spent; 111°F for 45 miles from Red Bluff to Chico; 2 Dimetap "evil" pills.
Sights: Gray fox carrying dead animal in its mouth, 1 deer, 1 rabbit; 3 Giant's games on TV; 1 dead battery in Dad's Avalon; 1 Roundtable Pizza (linguica with extra cheese).
August 23–25th, 2001 — 1st Annual Oregon Beach House Trip
Who: The whole family in the Astro.
What: Spent 3 days and 2 nights relaxing at the beach at Kiwanda Coastal Properties house #xxx, The Seascape.
Where: NB → Astoria → Pacific City, OR → Tillamook, OR → NB.
Stats: 660 miles; 7 1/2 hours down, 7 hours back, both including stops.
Sights: Fred the Herring Gull; 3 boats; Dungeness crab Caesar salad; moon on the water, sunsets.
August 14th, 2001 — Sell the Boat Trip
Who: The whole family in the Astro.
What: Drove to Anacortes to finalize the sale of Visual Sea.
Where: NB → Anacortes → Costco → Wal-Mart → McDonalds → NB.
Stats: 200 miles; 1 BMX bike, 2 dictionaries, 6 drinks from machines, 3 gallons of windshield washer fluid.
Sights: Never went to the marinas.
August 9th–August 12th, 2001 — Guy's Weekend Away
Who: Mike Holm, Paul Finlayson, Tom Taylor, and I.
What: Sailed High Hopes — Mike's Nauticat 44 — not very far but with intense relaxation as the major goal. We succeeded!
Where: Seattle → Blake Island → Bremerton → Poulsbo → Seattle.
Stats: 51 nm, 7 hours motoring, 2 hours sailing; quesadillas, hamburgers & salad, steak & potato; lowered Paul's CCExpedition flashlight 24 feet; Mike installed 2 new winches; Tom contacted Hawaii, Alaska, and other places on Elecraft K2 SW radio, heard Cook Islands.
Sights: Paddling ashore to an island & harbor seal up very close; bald eagle & U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier; rendezvous with Randy & Nancy Hamblin's "Saga", Poulsbo bakery, jumping into the ocean.
July 26th, 2001 — Rendezvous in Sunriver
Who: Laura, John, and I on the way down; Andrew, Matthew and I on the way back.
What: Retrieved the boys in the VW Beetle, meeting Dad in the Avalon for lunch in Sunriver.
Where: NB → Sunriver,OR → NB on highway 97.
Stats: 704 miles, 13 hr 49 min driving; 462 miles on one tank!
Sights: Antelope (Rajneeshpuram), Sunriver; Rainier, Adams, Jefferson, 3 Sisters; Columbia River gorge 91 degrees F.
July 16th–July 18th, 2001 — Run to Paradise & Palo Alto
Who: Andrew, Matthew, and I on the way down; on the way back alone.
What: Delivered the boys in the Audi A4 to Grandpa's for a week, visited Erich Ringewald.
Where: NB → Paradise → Kenwood, CA → PA → Paradise > NB.
Stats: 1,858 miles, 4 days, 29 hr driving, $5 in bridge tolls, 1 Cheese House Sandwich.
Sights: Sonoma, General Vallejo's house, Golden Gate Bridge crossing.
May 31st–June 6th, 2001 — Utah Funeral & Yellowstone Park
Who: Whole family in Chevy Astro van, really a very good trip vehicle.
What: Attended Lynn Richards funeral, Brigham Young's 200th, Richards family reunion.
Where: NB → Boise → SLC → Thayne,WY → West Yellowstone,MT → NB.
Stats: 2,396 miles, 7 days, 47hr 31 minutes driving, 18.4 mpg, 1 grizzly bear.
Sights: Saw Gordon B. Hinckley twice; elk, bison, eagles, coyotes, deer, moose; Conference Center, Tabernacle Choir; SR-71C.
May 12th–20th, 2001 — Beowawe, Yosemite, & Finlaysons
Who: Daniel K. Allen; picked up Andrew at Paradise and brought him home.
What: Took the green Audi A4 to visit friends and family and to write software.
Where: NB → Bend,OR → Elko → Yosemite → Valencia → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 3,044 miles, 11 days, many trees identified, first trip to Mariposa Grove.
Sights: Yosemite falls & valley, Monitor Pass & alluvial fan, A-12 & SR-71 together in Palmdale, yellow-headed blackbird at Kern Refuge, picnic at Merlo park w/DRA+AKA.
May 7th, 2001 — Second Mt. Rainier
Who: Daniel R. and Daniel K. Allen.
What: Took the green Audi A4 to visit an active volcano.
Where: NB → Puyallup → Paradise → Puyallup → NB.
Stats: 237 miles, 6:23 hr; 50 yards hiking in the snow.
Sights: Snow, 5 hikers on the mountain; roast beef & turkey sandwiches.
April 11th, 2001 — Leavenworth & German Lunch
Who: Dolores Tobin, Brigham, Elizabeth, and Dan.
What: Took a pleasant ride in the green Audi A4.
Where: NB → Leavenworth → NB.
Stats: 212 miles, 6 hours; lunch at Tumwater Inn.
Sights: Empty Lake Keechelus, brief periods of sun, hail at Cle Elum, closed Telephone Museum.
April 5th, 2001 — Mt. Rainier
Who: Andrew and Dan.
What: Ascended Mt. Rainier in the green Audi A4.
Where: NB → Puyallup → Paradise → Puyallup → NB.
Stats: 222 miles, 9 hours; Safeway, Borders, Exxon.
Sights: Snow, 5 deer, one really big sandwich.
March 3–4th, 2001 — Bend Oregon Escape
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to escape for a few days.
Where: NB → Bend,OR → NB.
Stats: 664 miles; McDonalds, Subway, Arbys.
Sights: Snow, breakfast & swimming at the Holiday Inn Express.
February 12th–22nd, 2001 — Ford Lauderdale & Florida Keys
Who: The whole family aboard Visual Sea.
What: Flew to Fort Lauderdale to begin our world trip.
Where: NB → Fort Lauderdale, FL → 4 miles offshore → Fort Lauderdale → Key West → Fort Lauderdale → NB.
Stats: 40 UPS boxes, 550 gallons of diesel, thousands of dollars of repairs, 2 cases of seasickness.
Sights: Fabulous cars, nice beaches, floating coconuts, wild green parrots, John Pennecamp coral reef.
January 23rd–29th, 2001 — Monterey Bay Aquarium
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to visit family before our big ocean voyage.
Where: NB → Paradise → Palo Alto → Monterey → Palo Alto → SF → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 2,094 miles, 10 hours; 3 ham sandwiches at Harry's Hofbrau, Lefty O'Douls, and Cheese House; Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell; 2 Barnes & Nobles (Chico, Medford).
Sights: Monterey Bay Aquarium with penguins, tuna, and sea otters; Lombard & Jones Streets in SF, Golden Gate Bridge, Medford LDS Temple.
October 22nd 2000 — Sequim
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro for the 2nd time to the Olympic Game Farm, Dungeness/Sequim.
Where: NB → Tacoma Narrows → Port Gamble → Sequim → Kingston → Edmunds → NB.
Stats: 253 miles, 10 hours, 1 fisher, lots of buffalo & yak slime, 1 ferry ride.
Sights: Breakfast at Macs, U.S.S. Independence aircraft carrier in Bremerton, fall colors, climbing favorite tree, Olympic game farm, dinner at Safeway, ferry home.
September 17th 2000 — Leavenworth
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro for the 3rd time around the loop.
Where: NB → Leavenworth → Steven's Pass → Monroe → NB.
Stats: 226 miles, 6 hours, 90 degrees in Leavenworth.
Sights: Beautiful fall colors; lunch at Sandy's in Leavenworth; great chocolate ice cream at Baskin Robbins in Monroe.
August 12–13th 2000 — First Time to Whistler
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to Canada.
Where: NB → Vancouver, BC → Whistler, BC → New Westminster, BC → NB.
Stats: 501 miles, 2 days, 1 General Store, 2 pizzas at Dominos, lots of Loonies & Toonies.
Sights: Downtown Vancouver & Lion's Bridge, Horseshoe Bay & Subway, Howe Sound & Brittania Beach.
June 29th–July 12th 2000 — Utah Ranch & California Wedding
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to 3 big family events: a reunion, a gathering, a wedding.
Where: NB → Twin Falls → Stewart's Ranch → Lake Havasu → Newport Beach → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 3,521 miles, 14 days, 113 degrees in Lake Havasu; swimming in 2 rivers, 1 lake, 1 ocean, 1 hotel pool.
Sights: Tom Tassinari wedding; horses & ATVs at the Ranch; going to a Rodeo; 2 ferry rides in Newport Beach.
June 19th–20th 2000 — Lake Watcom Anniversary Getaway
Who: Beth and I.
What: Drove the Audi A4 to South Bay Bed & Breakfast chosen by Beth for our 13th anniversary.
Where: NB → Lake Whatcom / Sedro-Wolley, WA → NB.
Stats: 261 miles, 2 days.
Sights: Highway 9 northbound, beautiful sunset, feather bed, dinner at The Keg.
June 13th–16th 2000 — Palo Alto Heat
Who: Rachel and Dan.
What: Drove my Audi A4 to California to see my Grandmother and Father.
Where: NB → Paradise → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB.
Stats: 1,409 miles, 4 days, 110 degrees in Paradise, 108 degrees in Palo Alto.
Sights: Chinese food from Chico. It felt like the state was going to burn up!
May 18th–21st, 2000 — Utah Wedding
Who: The whole family.
What: Chevy Astro to the Joe & Christi Jensen wedding in Utah.
Where: NB → Salt Lake City → Provo → Salem, UT → Salt Lake City → NB
Stats: 1,871 miles, 4 days, Red Lobster lunch.
Sights: The Five Alls, Steve Covey house, Bob Allen fish farm, visits with Barbara & Jane Allen at wedding.
April 19th–May 13th 2000 — Lower 48 States Trip
Who: Just me.
What: Drove my Audi A4 through all of the contiguous lower 48 states.
Where: NB → Maine → Florida → California → NB
Stats: 11,749 miles, 25 days, 435 gallons of gas, 2.2 million square miles of country circled.
Sights: Omaha NE, Nauvoo IL, NYC, Newport RI, St. Augustine FL, Chama NM, and many others.
February 18th – March 3rd 2000 — First time to Grand Canyon
Who: The whole family.
What: Took the Astro to warmer climes.
Where: NB → Paradise → PA → Lake Havasu → Grand Canyon → Dana Pt → Disneyland → PA → Paradise → NB
Stats: 3,569 miles, 15 days, 235 gallons of gas, dozens of burros, 3 afternoons at the wave pool in Havasu.
Sights: Grand Canyon South Rim with snow, 31 degrees and sunny! Pirates of the Carribean and Jungle Cruise.
December 20–23rd 1999 — Christmas in California
Who: The whole family.
What: Took the Astro to see my Grandmother Allie and Uncle Tom in Palo Alto, CA.
Where: NB → Palo Alto → Paradise → NB
Stats: 1,821 miles, 3 days, 17 hours, 40 minutes, 2 Taco Bell stops, 1 Fry's Electronics run, 1 Stanford Book run.
Sights: Stanford Memorial Church and football stadium; largest, brightest moon in 133 years; Cheese House.
December 5th 1999 — Winter in Rathdrum
Who: The whole family.
What: Took the Astro to see Beth's brother Peter.
Where: NB → Rathdrum, ID → NB
Stats: 582 miles, 5 hours each way, 2 snow storms over Snoqualmie Pass, That Thing You Do.
Sights: Kids played in the snow; Brigham acked in the car; pink eye. Still fun though!
August 22nd 1999 — North Cascade Loop
Who: The whole family.
What: Took the Astro on the North Cascade Highway and back.
Where: NB → BirdsView lunch → Winthrop → Columbia River → Wenatchee Wal Mart → NB.
Stats: 440 miles, 11 hours, lots of peaches, 1 picnic in a forest, 1 Cascade Burger (burger, sausage, bacon)!
July 3rd–5th 1999 — Zippy Juice & Punchy Meat
Who: My daughter Rachel (age 10) and myself.
What: Took the A4 to Beowawe Nevada to see vistas and enjoy some time together.
Where: NB → Paradise → Truckee → Lovelock → Winnemucca → Elko → Wells → Boise → NB.
Stats: 1,929 miles, 38.25 hours, 1 coyote, 5 rolls of film, beef jerky, Shania.
June 18th–20th 1999 — 12th Anniversary Central Oregon
Who: My lovely wife and I.
What: Drove the A4 to Oregon for a quiet time together, while the kids were with Cindy Moore.
Where: NB → Sunriver → Bend → Elk Lake → Shalishan → Lincoln City → Tillamok → Aberdeen → NB.
Stats: 1,052 miles, 2.5 days of fun in the sun and rain, 1 climb up a lighthouse, lots of Shania Twain.
June 11th–12th 1999 — Central Oregon Daddy Ride
Who: The four children and I, while my wife went to SF for girl's weekend away.
What: Drove the Astro to Oregon to escape the boredom of being home with all of the kids.
Where: NB → Bend, OR → High Desert Musuem → Lava Butte → Sunriver → NB.
Stats: 716 miles, 2 Wal-Mart runs, 2 McDonalds stops, 1 Subway stop, 1 IHOP breakfast, lots of Back Street Boys Millenium.
May 19th 1999 — Annual Rainier
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to Mount Rainier on a gorgeous day.
Where: NB → Paradise, WA → Puyallup → NB.
Stats: 232 miles, 1 red fox eating dinner, 2 Gray Jays, 1 Steller's Jays, 8 mule deer, waterfalls.
February 27th 1999 — Shopping in Portland
Who: The whole family for a fun outing.
What: Drove the Astro to Portland for the day in lieu of being on N4664.
Where: NB → Powell's Books → Captain's Nautical → Fuddruckers → Fry's Electronics → NB.
Stats: Rained continuously. 6 Mini Mag Lites, 1 Fast Ethernet Hub, 1 book on Perl, 1/2 pound burger.
November 23rd–28th 1998 — Thanksgiving in California
Who: The whole family.
What: Drove the Astro to California for Thanksgiving and visited Mount Hamilton.
Where: North Bend → Bend, OR → Palo Alto, CA → Medford, OR → North Bend.
Stats: 1742 miles, 113 miles of which were on the snowpacked roads of Central Oregon.
October 17–21st 1998 — Surprise Birthday in New York City
Who: Beth and I for her 40th birthday.
What: Flew Continental on a brand new 737-800 to NYC.
Where: Seattle → Newark, N.J. → Seattle.
August 29th 1998 — Tobin Family Sail
Who: Paul, Anita, & Ian Tobin; all of the Allens.
What: Sailed around Puget Sound in a Hunter 31.
Where: Shilshole → Edmunds → Shilshole.
Stats: 17 miles of sailing in 10-20 knot winds; 40 degree heelover, max speed 6.5 knots.
July 31st – August 1st 1998 — Crater Lake in New Audi
Who: Just me in the new blue 1998 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro.
What: A quick trip to see Dad, meeting halfway at Crater Lake in Oregon.
Where: North Bend → Euguene → Crater Lake → Bend, OR → Portland → North Bend.
Stats: 925 miles, WalMart, Skippers, new Holiday Inn Express w/huge tub, Powell's Books.
July 12th 1998 — Northwest corner of the US
Who: The Family in the AWD Astro.
What: Drove to Cape Flattery and hiked to the NW corner of the United States.
Where: North Bend → Port Gamble → Sequim → Pysht → Neah Bay → Cape Flattery → North Bend.
Stats: 370 miles, 14 hours, 48°23.18' N, 124°43.617' W.
April 24–27th 1998 — Paradise
Who: Just me in the Legend.
What: A quick Paradise trip to see Dad.
Where: North Bend → Paradise, CA → North Bend.
Stats: 1570 miles, Sutter Buttes, Beale AFB w/KC-10, Taco Bell, Food4Less.
March 14th 1998 — Westport
Who: Our whole family: six of us.
What: Drove to the beach and back in our new van.
Where: North Bend → Westport → North Bend.
Stats: 300 miles, McDonald's for breakfast, KFC for lunch, WalMart for fun.
February 7–19th 1998 — Lake Havasu Wedding & San Diego Zoo
Who: Our whole family: six of us.
What: Drove to the family wedding of Joe & Lisa Tobin and to the San Diego Zoo.
Where: WA → Paradise → SF → Lake Havasu → San Diego → Paradise → WA.
Stats: 13 days, 3200 miles, 2 Nordhavn's boarded, 1 new GPS purchased.
January 11th 1998 — Sunny Allen
Who: Our whole family.
What: Trip in Aerostar out of the snow into the sun.
Where: North Bend → Allen, WA → North Bend.
Stats: McDonalds, sun, water, 20 degrees and clear.
December 30th 1997 — First time to Olympic Game Farm
Who: Our whole family.
What: Trip in Aerostar to the Olympic Game Farm.
Where: North Bend → Port Gamble → Sequim → Bremerton → ferry → Seattle → North Bend.
Stats: Many buffalos, lemon sour candies, KFC, and a fisher.
September 20–24th 1997 — Friday Harbor Sequim Sailing
Who: Mike Holm, Dan Allen, & Uncle Gib the Hobo.
What: A sailing trip to Victoria, BC on an Island Packet 29 sailboat.
Where: Anacortes → Friday Harbor → Victoria → Sequim Bay → Deception Pass → Anacortes.
Stats: 5 days, 108 nautical miles, steaks, salads, sandwiches, great sunsets.
September 14–17th 1997 — Cheer Up Dad in Paradise
Who: Laura (my sister) and I.
What: Went to Paradise in Northern California, and the Bay Area.
Where: North Bend, Paradise, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Paradise, North Bend.
Stats: 4 days, 1850 miles of driving, 6 books from Stanford Bookstore, 1 Cheese House Sandwich, Draegers chicken.
September 12–13th 1997 — First time to Vancouver BC
Who: Beth and I, alone; met Tom & Diana.
What: Went to Vancouver BC for the first time.
Where: Hudson Bay Company, The Keg, O'Douls for breakfast, Stanley Park.
Stats: 2 days, 350 miles of driving, 3 paintings from Stanley Park.
August 27–29th 1997 — Solo Desert Meeting
Who: I met a friend (Paul Finlayson) in Elko, Nevada.
What: A trip to decompress and take pictures of wide open spaces.
Where: North Bend to Boise to Elko to Winnemucca to Eastern Oregon & back to North Bend.
Stats: 3 days, 1640 miles of driving, 2 sextant sessions, 2 great breakfasts, and 5 rolls of film.
July 1–6th 1997 — Northern California
Who: The Whole Family
What: A trip to visit my family and to buy computer books.
Where: Paradise, Palo Alto, and San Francisco California.
Stats: 6 days, 1900 miles of driving, 8 books, and a Cheese House sandwich.
June 19th 1997 — Tenth Anniversary in Victoria
Who: Beth and I, Laura & Woody Edvalson (it was my sister's 15th anniversary too!)
What: A quick floatplane day trip to Victoria, British Columbia.
Where: Lake Union, Victoria, The Empress Hotel, Shopping, Lake Union.
Stats: 1 day, 135 knots at 1,700 feet in a De Havilland Turbo Otter on
June 6–7th 1997 — Friday Harbor & Lime Kiln
Who: The Whole Family
What: A quick overnight visit and hike in Lime Kiln State Park.
Where: Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, WA.
Stats: 1 day, 2 ferry rides, 200 miles of driving.
February 16–27th 1997 — EVA Funerals
Who: The Whole Family
What: Attended and gave the eulogies at my mother's funerals.
Where: North Bend, WA → Paradise, CA → Salt Lake City, UT → Anaheim, CA → Palo Alto, CA → North Bend, WA.
Stats: 12 days; 51 hours and 3,546 miles of driving in the Aerostar.
Sights: Disneyland; Stacy's bookstore; Cheese House sandwiches.
November 2–November 5th 1996 — Quick Visit to My Parents
Who: The Whole Family
What: Drove to Paradise, CA and back and decided to rearrange house.
Where: North Bend, WA → Paradise, CA → North Bend, WA
Stats: 26 hours and 1,460 miles of driving in the Aerostar.
Sights: Hot tub; Chico shopping; Portland at night.
September 29 – October 6th 1996 — East Coast Wedding
Who: Beth and I.
What: Flew to New England and back for a family wedding (Jim & Debbie Tobin).
Where: Seattle, WA; Newark, NJ; Manhattan, NYC; Mystic, CT; Newport, RI; Marblehead, MA.
Stats: 8 days, 931 miles driving, 5200 miles flying.
Sights: "The Breakers" mansion in Newport; breakfast at Brothers in Salem; piano/ceilo concert at St. Paul's near Wall Street; Italian sausage near World Trade Center; Castle Rock's view of the Atlantic ocean at Marblehead; lobster feast in Beverly.
August 10th 1996 — Blue Angels on the Water
Who: Mike Holm, Beth & Dan Allen, Laura & Woody Edvalson; Dolores, Peter, Paul & Anita Tobin.
What: Sailed a Hunter 35.5 sailboat to watch the Blue Angels.
Where: Shilshole to Seattle and back.
Stats: 1 day, average speed of 3 knots, max of 5.1 knots.
Sights: Thousands of boats, 6 F-18s.
May 24–27th 1996 — Just the Guys Sailing in the San Juans
Who: Mike Holm, Ken Davis, Paul Finlayson, Dan Allen.
What: Sailed a 1990 Hunter 35.5 sailboat in the San Juan islands.
Where: Anacortes, Parks Bay, Friday Harbor, Open Bay, Decatur Head.
Stats: 4 days, average speed of 5 knots, max of 8.1 knots.
Sights: 10 Killer whales (Orcinus orca), 2 Dungeness & a Red Rock crab eaten.
April 1996 Family — Western States Loop
Who: Our family of six.
What: Drove our 1989 Ford Aerostar through WA,OR,CA,AZ,NV,UT & ID.
Where: Paradise, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Lake Havasu, Sandy.
Stats: 3,133 miles, 56hr 23min driving, average of 56 mph.
Sights: Mt. Shasta, Lombard Street, London Bridge, Hailstorm.
September 1994 — Surprise Anniversary Party
Who: Beth and I.
What: Surprised Beth's Parents for their 40th Anniversary.
Where: Salt Lake → Boston → Salt Lake
Sights: Sep 17th at Beverly, MA for the big surprise.
October 1993 — Fabulous First time to New York City
Who: Beth and I.
What: Went to New York City for the first time for either of us; visited family.
Where: Salt Lake → New York City → Boston → Salem → Boston → Salt Lake.
Stats: 2 weeks! Beth's parents watched the kids.
Sights: Car getting smashed by a truck, Empire State building, museums!
October 1990 — First Trip To Canada
Who: Beth and I, Andrew and Rachel in the Aerostar; Mom & Dad in their Honda.
What: Drove to Canada during my Apple sabbatical.
Where: Fairfield → Portland → Olympia → Tsawwassen → Victoria → Tsawwassen → Fairfield.
Stats: 2,000 miles.
Sights: Portland Zoo, English Inn in Victoria, Empress Hotel, Andrew in ballpit in Yreka.

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